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Welcome to Impact
Tae Kwon Do in Riverview

Our School. Your Kids.
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After-School Martial Arts

Planting seeds of positive development in your child every day after school.

Our After-School program offers martial arts training and time for homework, games, and more.

Martial Arts Summer Camp

Safe, Exciting, and Action-Packed! Our martial arts summer camp lets kids play, meet new friends, break a sweat, and have fun while learning the mental and physical benefits of martial arts & fitness training.

Martial Arts for Preschoolers Ages 4-6

Preschooler learn how listen, focus and follow directions.

Martial Arts for Youth Ages 7-17

We’ve combined the best of martial arts into one easy-to-learn, highly effective program for kids. Our martial arts and self-defense classes help students develop healthy self-confidence (not boastful or bullying) along with self-discipline, focus, and respect for others.

Martial Arts After-School Program


The Impact Tae Kwon Do After-School Martial Arts is not baby sitting service.

It’s a martial arts based program that teaches children how to set goals and achieve them along with proven martial arts skills.

Our After-School Martial Arts program gives parents peace of mind in knowing their child is safe, learning important skills, and having fun.

At our after-school program, students get more than martial arts training.

They also can play soccer, and dodgeball, watch movies, play games, do homework or just socialize with their friends.

We pick up your child straight from school and take them to our martial arts studio — a welcoming space where they can learn something new while they have fun at the same time.

Parents appreciate the level of care at our after-school program. All kids are picked up by staff in our own vehicles.

Martial Arts Summer Camp


If you want to send your child back to school with more confidence and the ability to protect him or herself then the Impact Tae Kwon Do Summer Camp is for your family.

Each day, our staff keeps things organized, fun and exciting to keep the kids safe without sacrificing what they love best…HAVE FUN!

Learning self-defense instills unshakable self-confidence that will help your child to succeed in life.

We teach a daily martial arts class and include field trips to the pool, park, bowling alley, and bounce house. 

So, if you want your child to be patient, forward-thinking, and skilled to stay safe, our program is for you.

If you just want a babysitter, we are not the camp for you.

Martial Arts for Pre-Schoolers


Our preschool program is specially designed for little ones aged 3-5.

The parents of our students want the best for their children. They want them to have the skills needed to succeed in life.

Our program helps preschoolers develop self-control and coordination.

The curriculum is designed to help kids learn how to listen,  focus and make healthy choices while learning self-defense and martial arts.

We teach and demonstrate the importance of honesty and integrity. With each belt earned, a child’s confidence grows. 



Martial Arts for Children


Our Physical Skills for children in our martial arts classes develop coordination, confidence, strength, and flexibility.

Our Mental Skills instill focus, self-control, self-discipline, and many more important soft skills.

Our students are taught proven martial arts skills of blocking, punching, kicking, self-defense and most of all, when to use them and not to abuse them.

Children are like sponges. It’s what they’re soaking in that matters. They seek guidance and will get it from whatever options are available. 

That’s why Impact Tae Kwon Do is so helpful for kids in Riverview.

We use the excitement of the martial arts to gain your child’s attention and focus them on healthy decisions including how to recognize, avoid, and defend against threats from the web to the playground.

Impact Tae Kwon Do for children provides a stable, nurturing, learning environment for young students.


2 Classes to try our school out.

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“My kids have a lot of fun here at Impact. For the summer it is a perfect mix of inside and outside activities. The kids are taught respect and manners and bullying is not tolerated. The coaches keep a close watch on the kids. They have lots of games and video games as well as ways for the kids to stay active. We always recommend it to friends in the area."5 start review martial arts for children in tampa"

Taryn Doyle


MATA Certification was authored by 18 different veteran black belts who are also experts in their fields such as psychology, pedagogy, movement science, and communication.

We know that walking into a martial arts school can be intimidating. That’s why Empower Kickboxing™ is staffed with professional instructors trained in modern teaching methods and certified by the Martial Arts Teachers’ Association.

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2 Classes to try our school out.

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Impact is a great place the staff are friendly, professional and kind to my daughter. My daughter also has motor skill challenges. Thanks to the structure, patience and practice of the staff she is now getting ready to test for her Orange belt. I love that they don’t treat her different, yet they have understand of her own challenges. She has progressed in all areas over the past two years and we both love it at Impact and know she is always in good hands.”

Wendy Mullins

Impact Taekwondo Center

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